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Down To Earth, Original Piano Music. "Life Tested." Listener Approved.
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Donovan performs at Carnegie Hall, Oct. 2015
    Press Release Soon To Come!

New recordings are under way!  
    This September, "Songs From The Northern Prairie"
    Later in the year, "Tribute." An album of song arrangements by many       other Contemporary pianists
    Early 2016, Donovan's next original release!

We're currently booking for Donovan's 2016 American Tour
Details are not being released yet, but we can tell you it will be happening throughout the year in many unexpected venues!

Donovan is headed to the U.K., spring of 2017 (April)
    Stay tuned for details...

Don't miss Donovan perform in the 2017 
EPR Concert and Awards Ceremony
Need a vacation? This year, we're cruising to Cozumel!
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Welcome back.   Relax.  Make yourself at home.

​The Music Of Vince Guaraldi And the Peanuts
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Sunday Nov. 27th, Omaha NE

Saturday Dec. 3rd, Clear Lake IA