Pieces Of Life (2011 Edition)

Donovan Johnson's debut disk is full of exciting musical surprises!

"Pieces Of Life" is a collection of Donovan's writings that were put together over a number of years, many of which reflect his own life experiences. The compositions are all "piano driven" in style, some with accompanying orchestration which includes bass, drums, strings and synth pads.  

The music is upbeat and reflective, often bringing to mind images of the night sky, walks in the country, and beautiful Scotland. Also included are pieces which touch what it means to be human, such as "Last Goodbye" and "After The Change."

"Pieces Of Life" is a recording that will appeal to people of many ages and backgrounds, and find a home with people from many different and diverse walks of life.  

Recorded and mastered at KNL Studios in Omaha NE.

1)  After The Change
2)  Into The Light
3)  Canoe
4)  Green Man Prelude
5)  Sleep
6)  Brighid's Prelude
7)  Gentle Focus
8)  Northern Lights
9)  Autumn
10)  1718
11)  Scotland The Brave
12)  Last Goodbye

Welcome to Heart-Land Hill.
"It's all good here."