Road To Home (2010)
"Road To Home," is Donovan's 2010 hit recording! If you've seen Donovan in concert, you'll recognize songs such as "Love's Journey" and "The Stargazer." Others such as "From This Day Forward" make their debut on this album, to be enjoyed year round. All tracks are either solo piano or piano with string and synth pad underlay.  The album is a musical depiction of the journey of life from birth to death.

"Road To Home" is also Donovan's debut album to the Pandora Radio music library. "Nocturne Of The Ancestors" has quickly become a public favorite.

Let your mind wander as you listen to the refreshing and inspiring sounds of this piano driven project by Donovan Johnson.  
1)  Fairy Duster
2)  Innocence
3)  Road To Home
4)  From This Day Forward
5)  The Stargazer
6)  Love's Journey
7)  Sagittarius
8)  Reflection
9)  Celtic Winter
10)  Nocturne Of The Ancestors

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