October (2011)

"October" is an album of original instrumentals written for piano and piano trio. Donovan's signature "cowboy-zen" way of writing began it's development during the creation of this album, with many of the songs drawing heavily from folk and country music styles.   The title "October" represents the time of year when things begin to change, which is the underlying theme to this album - change, the resistance to change, and the consequences.

Also featured is the "Island Suite," which showcases three pieces of work that are designed to bring to mind three island locations at this very special time of year. Listen to some samples for yourself, and you'll see that "October" has a little something for everyone.  

Recorded and mastered at KNL Studios in Omaha NE.
1)  Summerland
2)  Forward In Time
3)  Andromeda
4)  October
5)  Nebraska Countryside
6)  Forgiveness
7)  Resilience
8)  Jubilate
9)  Island Of Japan
10)  Castaway Island
11)  Isle Du Massacre

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